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Site Definition Gotcha

Don’t you just love those problems that end up with you tearing your hair out! I ran into just such a problem this week with a client. Let me set the scene… The client in question has a fairly simple

Octopus Deploy Step for Unicorn Sync

Two products that I love and have become an essential part of my Sitecore life are Unicorn and Octopus Deploy - I plan on writing about my adventures with setting up CI/CD using Octopus Deploy soon, b

Value cannot be null error with Fortis

I’m going to start posting about common issues that you might come across when using the Fortis Wrapper for Sitecore. This first one is something I see very regularly, and its usually a very simple pr

Sitecore MVP 2016

Its been a long road, but I am proud to be awarded Sitecore MVP Technology for 2016. Its a huge honor and privelege to get this award and I’m looking forward to an exciting year with Sitecore! Thank y