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Share Your Data Between Components

Recently there was this blog post about 9 Grievances that make Sitecore development a challenge, and while I agree at times, Sitecore development can be a challenge (although, isn’t that really why we

The Sitecore Stack Exchange 5K Club!

September 13th 2016 - this was the date that Sitecore Stack Exchange went public! To celebrate our first year, the SSE moderators (Mark Cassidy, Dmytro Shevchenko and me) wanted to give something bac

Sitecore Stack Exchange - The First 6 Months

September 13th 2016 - this was the date that Sitecore Stack Exchange went public! We are more than 6 months down the line so here are some of the highlights of the first 6 months of the Sitecore Stac

Habitat Dependency Injection with Sitecore 8.2

If you attended @seanholmseby’s session on making Habitat your home at Sitecore Symposium 2016, you will have heard him discuss dependency injection with Sitecore 8.2 and how you can use this in the H

Setting up Solr on Habitat

The Sitecore Habitat project has got some great features in. One of my favourites is how the Gulp file is setup to make getting the project running on your local machine a breeze! It really does simpl

Watch your Guid format!

Maybe this should be in a “how to break Sitecore” section! Question: Which of these Guid formats is valid? 123456var ex1 = new Guid("00000000000000000000000000000000");var ex2 = new Guid("00000000-000

Watchout! You are in the web db!

Based on a vent by @cassidydotdk on the Sitecore Slack chat the other day, we were all laughing about the (multiple)times when we forget that we have switched to teh web database to check something ou

Advanced Cache Clearing

A recent post on Stack Overflow asked about clearing out the HtmlCache for a specific user, the short answer is in the post. But I thought I’d add some more detail to that answer here for anyone else