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Using RequireJs with Sitecore 8 - Update

This update has been a long time in coming! Last year I blogged about using Require.js to organize your Sitecore JavaScript. In the post we looked at setting up require js with jQuery. This was the ma

Single Page Application SUGCON Slides

Single Page Application with Real Time UpdatesFor any that missed it and are actually bothered, here are my slides from my presentation at SUGCON! Single Page Applications with Real Time Updates

Sitecore 8 Bug Uploading Images in Zip Files

One of the nicer features in the Sitecore Media Library was the ability to upload a zip file of images and have it unpack them automatically. In the latest versions of Sitecore (version 8 update 4 and

Use Nuget to Manage Your Sitecore Dependencies

One of the questions that occurs in every Sitecore project, is where to keep your Sitecore dependencies! How to make sure they are kept up to date when upgrading etc… Most developers go for the standa

Cleaning up the log files

Since upgrading to Sitecore 8 one thing that I have noticed is that the log files can be quite noisey. In particular when the default log file is set to INFO this line is written a lot… and I mean a L

Sitecore 8 and SOLR Upgrading

Just read a great post by Jon Stoneman at Sequence on how to get Sitecore 8 working with Solr. Their experiences are very similar to mine, but I came across some other “gotchas” that I wanted to share

Sitecore - Sorting by Date with SOLR

With the introduction of Item Buckets and the fantastic Sitecore Search API in Sitecore 7, we are using the search API more and more to get lists of content. Recently I was working on a site that had