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Fortis V4 Beta Changes

We are working on new version of Fortis so I’m going to do a few posts to highlight the new improvements. If you have any feature requests please make sure they are added as an issue/request on Github

Value cannot be null error with Fortis

I’m going to start posting about common issues that you might come across when using the Fortis Wrapper for Sitecore. This first one is something I see very regularly, and its usually a very simple pr

Fortis Model Generation with Unicorn 3

After using Unicorn 2.x for a while now, I was excited at the prospect of Unicorn 3 - with its new serialization format that solves a lot of the problems with the standard Sitecore serialization API (

Fortis Object Mapping Performance - Part II

Last week I wrote a blog on Fortis Object Mapping Performance, I have a few updates! Kam pointed out a flaw in my original code. I populated an array of Fortis objects, but I did not read out a field

Fortis Object Mapping Performance

After the post on Glass Mapper by Konstantin Cherkasov performance, and the follow up by Kam on Synthesis Object Mapping Performance I thought I’d run a quick test of Fortis in a similar situation. Ko

Unit Testing with Sitecore and Fortis - Part 1

This post is the start of a series of articles looking at unit testing using Sitecore and Fortis. There are already a lot of great posts on unit testing with Sitecore using fakes and other tools, so w