SXA Security Headers 1.1

I am pleased to announce the latest version of SXA Security Headers. This version contains the same functionality, but has been built and tested against the latest versions of Sitecore. Currently it s

Sitecore SXA: Custom PageList Datasources

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) has so many cool features to help us as developers to create amazing Sitecore implemnentations. One component that I find myself using a lot, is the Page List. T

Share Your Data Between Components

Recently there was this blog post about 9 Grievances that make Sitecore development a challenge, and while I agree at times, Sitecore development can be a challenge (although, isn’t that really why we

Sitecore 9: Dynamic Placeholders At Last!

Hell yeah - finally dynamic placeholders come out of the box with Sitecore 9. This has probably been one of the most asked for features in Sitecore for a long time. Fortunately there have been a few

The Sitecore Stack Exchange 5K Club!

September 13th 2016 - this was the date that Sitecore Stack Exchange went public! To celebrate our first year, the SSE moderators (Mark Cassidy, Dmytro Shevchenko and me) wanted to give something bac