Sitecore 8 Bug Uploading Images in Zip Files

One of the nicer features in the Sitecore Media Library was the ability to upload a zip file of images and have it unpack them automatically. In the latest versions of Sitecore (version 8 update 4 and update 5 at the time of writing), this functionality is broken. The file uploads as a zip file and does not unpack.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Load the Media Library
  • Click Upload Files (Advanced)
  • Select a zip file containing your images
    • Make sure you tick Unpack Zip Archives
  • Upload the file

The file is uploaded as a zip file and not unpacked.

This has been reported to Sitecore support and acknowledged as a bug in the MediaFolder.js file. If you are having the same issue, contact sitecore support and they will give you a fixed MediaFolder.js file. The public reference number for this bug report is 439231.

Work Arounds

Adam Najmanowicz helped out with a cool little SPE (Sitecore Powershell Extentions) script to upload the zip file and unpack. It appears that it is just the dialog in Sitecore 8 that is broken.

Receive-File -ParentItem (gi "master:\media library\your folder") -AdvancedDialog

Which worked perfectly! Thanks Adam!

If you haven’t already tried it, I highly recommend installing SPE and trying it out! and if you like it, don’t forget to rate it and give it a :thumbs up:

– Richard