The Sitecore Stack Exchange 5K Club!

September 13th 2016 - this was the date that Sitecore Stack Exchange went public! To celebrate our first year, the SSE moderators (Mark Cassidy, Dmytro Shevchenko and me) wanted to give something back to those that have worked hard over the last 12 months to make the site what it is today.

I has been amazing to see how the community has pooled their knowledge and resources to make SSE what it is today, and with 2419 total users, we have all had a busy year! We would have loved to get something for all of you, but we had to pick a line somewhere, so this is a little something to all those that have made it to 5k and above reputation points. To say thank you for how much effort it takes and for all that you give back to the community.

So its great to announce the SSE 5K Club T-Shirts - behold the glory (can you tell we are all developers, not designers!):

First things - a HUGE thank you to Klaus Peterson and the team at Alpha Solutions Denmark and Alpha Solutions USA for Sponsoring the shirt. We really appreciate the support guys! Eveyone make sure to thank them at Symposium! Without their support, we would not have been able to do this.

Wear them with pride - you guys earned them the hard way!!

– Klaus Peterson - Alpha Solutions DK

For those that are already at 5k or above - we will be handing out the shirts at Symposium. For all you that are getting close! Keep up the good work. With the generous sponsorship by Alpha Solutions, it enabled us to order a number of 5K Club shirts. So as more users hit that mark, we will contact you and get a shirt sent out to you as a token of our thanks for your on going support for the community.

If you have no idea what Sitecore Stack Exchange is - come and join us! It is the best place to get answers to questions you might have on Sitecore, Sitecore Development, xDB and much more. We have an awesome community - come and join us!