Archive: 2015

Single Page Applications in Sitecore - Part I

At SUGCON #NOLA I was priveledged to be able to present on how we delivered a Single Page Application Sitecore implementation - I like to call is a SPAS :) A number of people have been asking for mor

Securing the Assets data folder

There was an interesting conversation on the Sitecore Slack Community about where the best place to store single-use data items for components. The consensus was that a folder that sits under the page

Powershell from your current folder

Ok - so this isn’t Sitecore related, but I just ‘happened’ upon a cool feature in Windows that I’m sure everyone knows about already, but I thought it cool enough to post about it :) If you want to op

Searching the Media Framework Module

A number of our clients partner with video providers like Brightcove or Ooyala. To sync the content between Sitecore and the video provider, Sitecore have provided a module called the Media Framework.

Rendering Exception Handling - The Right Way

I see a few different ways of handling errors and error pages in Sitecore. I really like the way that we do it at Lightmaker, it makes things nice and simple and easy to debug! It also allows us as de

Using RequireJs with Sitecore 8 - Update

This update has been a long time in coming! Last year I blogged about using Require.js to organize your Sitecore JavaScript. In the post we looked at setting up require js with jQuery. This was the ma

Fortis Model Generation with Unicorn 3

After using Unicorn 2.x for a while now, I was excited at the prospect of Unicorn 3 - with its new serialization format that solves a lot of the problems with the standard Sitecore serialization API (